The Travelog

August 22, 2011
I hiked Timp for the second time this weekend! What an adventure! Friday night ended at about 12:30 after buying snacks etc for the hike. Saturday started about 4:30 am...
Met up at 5,
Started driving at 5:30,
and around 6:15:...

Not quite the adventure we'd anticipated...
Because of my poor alignment and the baldness on the inside of the tires, one of them ripped open.
No problem though right??
The bolts were stripped and we couldn't change the tire so it ended up getting towed and piled into Ron's car.
Ron gets an award for an amazing parallel parking job!:

We finally hit the trail around 8 and took it at a fast pace to try and get back close to 5 to pick up the car. What a beautiful hike it was!

August 5, 2011
I can't go back in time and fill you in on everything but I'll start with some fun dates Kristine and I have had recently:

Spanish Fork Rodeo
July 22, 2011

Everybody's got to go to Trafalga on at least one date!
July 15, 2011

Shakespeare in the Park and Disco Skating
July 9, 2011

How? The murmuring question of Laman & Lemuel

Laman & Lemuel have a pretty bad reputation in the Book of Mormon...and with good reason! But how often are we guilty of asking the SAME...