Friday, August 5, 2011

Tips for Temple Attendance

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Now many of us are familiar with the old primary song, "I Love to See the Temple!"
But do we love going to it as much as we like looking at it??

Let's consider some of the keys to temple attendance:

1. Go OFTEN!
How often will be different for all of us. Some of us live significantly closer to a temple than do others. Some of us are much busier with school, work, or family activities. As we set goals to go on a regular basis, however, we will be more likely to go frequently.
Prior to my mission, I was encouraged by my Stake President to go 2-3 times weekly as preparation. What this meant was that I went about 35 times before leaving for Philadelphia! What a rich experience this was! The frequency of my visits brought a Spirit into my life that helped me to more fully remember the Savior and strive consistently to follow Him. This was something that I greatly missed for two years.

Upon returning home, this same Stake President challenged me to go DAILY for the first two weeks I was home! 12 times in 14 days! How grateful I am for this challenge! The temple is truly the Lord's house and His presence is readily felt there!

2. Spiritually Prepare
This too will be different for different people. What I try to do is go to the temple with questions. Sometimes I'm seeking answers to personal questions/problems. Sometimes I'm looking for doctrinal insight and deeper meaning of particular scriptures etc. Rarely do I leave without answers! Its incredible! Take the time to sit and wait! Don't schedule activities so soon afterwards that you're needing to rush out. Block out some time to stay!
Other ways to spiritually prepare could include studying the doctrine of temples (or the doctrines taught in the temple) during your personal scripture study. Your temple experience doesn't only have to happen in the temple.

3. Physically Prepare
Again, different for everybody. For me, because I'm spoiled, I don't have to plan really far in advance so I can go to the temple because its so close! For you, it may be more of a sacrifice. It may take finding a babysitter or sacrificing other activities.
For me, physically preparing means getting enough sleep the night before so I'll be able to stay awake at the temple and soak in all that's available! Whatever you need to do, do it!

4. Invite Others
 Bring people with you! This will not only ensure that you go but you'll be blessing others!
Great blessings can be had as we attend the temple! I KNOW that to be true!
See also President Monson's April 2011 conference talk on temples:

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